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G-TRAC website is live

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G-TRAC website is live

As part of our commitment to you, our G-TRAC users, we felt that it was important to promote G-TRAC in the greatest possible way and to make everyone aware of the strength and breadth of this system.

It has been built with an eye to supporting three distinct groups:

  • The logistics providers who move the goods through the supply chain, including freight forwarders, Customs brokers, warehouse operators and truckers.
  • Exporters who are manufacturing the goods to ship overseas.
  • Importers and/or buyers who are placing the purchase orders and would like to insure that the goods are on schedule for production, shipping and delivery.

Along the way, others who have an interest in the goods have been added and can have as much or as little visibility as they need, want or are allowed to have.

This blog will be where we post tips, video tutorials, solicit your feedback and announce features and releases.  Bookmark us and thanks for being part of the G-TRAC family.

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