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G-TRAC - The premier solution for shipment tracking and global supply chain management.

G-TRAC the web based tracking and visibility offering of GMS International, integrates with platforms used by Customs brokers and freight forwarders to create transport documents, communicate with government agencies for import and export clearances and create and export customized historical reports.

Real-Time Data
Receive and display airline messages, share ocean carrier statuses and integrate rail location data for the most up-to-date in transit information.

Customize access, automate milestone alerts, share information across your company and others with a few keystrokes.

Tailored Search
Easily search by purchase order, reference number, bill of lading, container number or any of dozens of other data fields to locate one or more shipments simultaneously.

Share and manipulate
Our reporting functions allow users to create and download reports based on the data that they need in the order that they want it.

As much or as little as your clients want or need.


  • RECEIVE Send to G-TRAC
  • WEB Create shipments
  • USERS Trace shipments
  • SHIPPERS Add statuses



  • PO’s Order placement
  • SEE Earliest visibility
  • ALERTS Monitor timeliness
  • REPORT Download and manipulate



  • SCAN Eliminate paper
  • SEARCH Fully indexed
  • PRIVATE Restrict viewing
  • COMPLIANCE Ready recordkeeping



  • AIR FSR/FSU messages
  • OCEAN Carrier 315’s
  • RAIL Class 1 railroad sightings
  • EDI Send & receive to and from G-TRAC

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